Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to Host a Favorite Things Party

A couple weeks ago I hosted a "Favorite Things Party" with my bridesmaids.  
After the wedding shenanigans came to a close on August 2nd we made the best decision! 
Just because the wedding was over, the fun did NOT have to end. 
We just loved all of the togetherness we were able to share over the 7 months of planning our wedding. So, we decided that we would each take turns hosting a party.  
I decided to kick things off with a party that featured all of our favorite things.  Today, I wanted to share all the fun details with you so you can start this tradition with your girlfriends too! 

So, how does it work?! 

{Invite your favorite friends}
There were 8 of us which I felt was a perfect size 

{Each friend will bring four of their "favorite things"} 
(all 4 items will be alike)
We set a limit on the price so all of our gifts had to be $8 or less.  At first we all thought finding items at that price point and items that we loved might be tough but, we put our thinking caps on and all worked out perfectly. 

{Each friend will fill out a "favorite things" sheet upon arrival}
Some of the questions I chose were favorite flower, favorite type of food, 
favorite store, favorite guilty pleasure, favorite color etc. 

Prior to everyone's arrival I had placed each persons name into a basket 4 times. 

{How to play the game and gifting}
The host (me in this case) gathered all of the "favorite things" questionnaire sheets and read off the answers.  The host will also complete the sheet.  As I read the responses to the questions out to the girls, they shouted out who they thought the favorite things sheet belonged to.  Once I read them all and revealed who the sheet actually belonged to (I believe we nailed them all immediately-we know each other so well haha) that person pulled 4 names out of a basket and those 4 ladies received that persons favorite things item. Then I moved on to the next sheet... 

Since each guest has their name in the basket four times, each guest goes home with four different items! I picked up small gift bags from Target for all to collect their goodies in.

I made place cards so everyone could see who brought what as we sipped champagne
prior to starting to the game!

A few close up shots of our favorite things! 

Our first reunion party was a blast! 
So much fun and I highly recommend you hosting one yourself!

We have already planned who will host what next so stay tuned! 

Rebecca:  Kitchen Gadget and Recipe Party
Caroline: Makeup Tutorial Party
Christy: Craft Beer Party
Katie: Beach Bash Party
Brittany: Essential Oils Party
Austin: Cocktail Mixology Party
Tina: Butt Blast Workout party followed by Spiked Smoothies! 

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