Friday, March 4, 2016

Keeping It Real with 2 Weeks To Go!

Hello my darlings!  I just wanted to take a second to keep things completely real!  We are 2 weeks until due date and my feet now have the tendency to plump up like southern biscuit and my hands are as numb as they can be from developing carpel tunnel caused by the pregnancy!  BOTH should quickly go away after Baby G arrives!  Hooray! I am starting to have days where I feel as if I can barely keep my eyes open and days that honestly I just don’t feel like doing much.  This is all new to me as I have been beyond blessed with an amazing pregnancy! Even the first trimester, no sickness and just a touch on the sleepy side.  Then there are days like today that I throw all caution to the wind and strut out of the house in my tennis shoes without a care in the world for my fashion sense and suddenly have tons of energy!! I feel like I could conquer the world!!  So with all that being said, I just want to say over the next few weeks as we approach delivery and take on our new roles as “Mama and Daddy” daily posts will take a backseat, but I will still be posting 2-3 times weekly and of course you can always follow Delightfully Chic on Instagram for daily posts!  I have a few bloggers who will also be stepping in to do some posts while I adjust to my new role.

AND… as of next week I will be sharing two posts that I am so over the moon excited about!

1. Our Maternity Session with the amazing Brittany Blake of Brittany Blake Photography
2. The reveal of Baby G’s Nursery!!! We are pretty smitten over it, I hope you love as much as we do!

Until then, here is a sneak peek of both!

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  1. You look great Tiffany! Won't be long now and you'll see that little bundle!


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