Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sophisticated In White {Fall Decor}

One of my favorite seasons to decorate for is Fall.  
 There is something about the cooler season and deep rich tones that just gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling of comfort.  As I updated you a couple post back, Scott and I are currently selling our home and guess what…as of  last Friday night, we have accepted an offer!!! Yippee!! Unfortunately, having the house on the market means I had to dial back my fun and festive fall décor but, I couldn’t help but gush over these clean white round with perfection style options.  I still say you must toss in a few deeper hues here and there but, you can never go wrong with clean and ever so elegant white.  Next, year in our new home (fingers crossed) white with pops of orange and deep red is what you will find at the Gaither “estate”! 

How do you decorate for the fall months?
Do yo stick with the classics or mix it up a bit?

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  1. Gorgeous!!! I love the white. So classy

  2. I also love the white, it's so clean and crisp and goes so well with the deeper colors of fall. ( And those feathers, love!)

  3. White is a color that adds perfection to any space! LOVE IT!

    Hope you ladies are both doing great!!



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