Thursday, October 30, 2014

For the Love of Cooking: {Pumpkin Gnocchi}

If Gnocchi is on the menu, chances are it’s going to be my entrée of choice.  
There is something about those little dough dumplings that hits the spot for me.  Could it be my addiction to carbs?!  Quite possibly; and you see that is reason enough for me to lust over these perfect fall recipes.  I would love nothing more than to cover my entire kitchen in flour and give my best attempt of making my gnocchi from scratch (as my brother’s Italian fiancée Christina does) BUT, I make no promises that while the majority of my home is being boxed up in preparation for our move, that my little dough balls won’t be store bought- shame on me…I know! Maybe next year I can follow these recipes a little more closely! 

I decided to share two variations of this recipe because we all like options right?!  
First up, and my top pick comes from a featured post on Camille Styles blog (If you aren’t familiar with Camille put it on the to do list!) by Mimi Thorisson of Manager (item #2 on your to do list).  The Saint-Nectarie cheese sauce is what caught my eye and really pulled me to this pumpkin gnocchi.

 Get the Recipe

Next up, is a Brown Butter & Sage Pumpkin Gnocchi.  Now, this recipe I know I will LOVE as it incorporates potatoes as many gnocchi recipes do and a dash of cinnamon…YES!!

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Are you a fan of gnocchi??  Have you tired these variations?? Details!!
Bon Appetite! 

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