Thursday, December 22, 2011

This Christmas: With Roxy of Society Social

Hey y'all! Roxy here with My Cup of Te and Society Social. I've been on a tight shopping budget this year with the launch of my business and start-up expenses so my Christmas list is short and sweet!
I like to think I only considered the staples, the classics, and just one little treat!


The Staples:
A new lens for my nikon, totally necessary for blogging


and my favorite blush in Cabo Coral


The Classics:
Everyday sunnies that inject glam into the daily


and a statement necklace or two!

And one little {indulgent} treat- our interior designer, Naomi Stein!


Thanks Tiffany for having me, and I truly hope y'all find joy and blessings in much more than what's under the tree! Merry Christmas!


Thanks so much Roxy for stopping by Delightfully Chic and sharing your wishlist this year!  I'm pretty sure mine has now expanded after seeing your list! ;)
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas...

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