Wednesday, December 14, 2011

For The Love Of Cooking

When it comes to sweets I honestly CAN turn down lots- cakes and fudge believe it or not I can do without.  It's the cuteness of cakes and cupcakes that causes me to indulge! 
For my birthday every year, it's always key lime pie!
My all time biggest weakness is candy...sour candy to be candy addiction is seriously severe!
BUT, when it comes to this extra rich sweet-treat I can NEVER say no!


Have you ever made Baklava?  It just looks hard to me??
I found this "simple" recipe and I'm getting really tempted to attempt over Christmas!

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  2. Being Turkish, i am happily surprised by your love of baklava. İt is a tradition for women to make baklava for eids in here. You are right, its soo hard to prepare these babies! You have to really thin out the dough with a long kitchen tool called oklava and you need to make a total of 40 coats- the thinner the better! İf you ever visit İstanbul i recommend you to visit Karaköy Gulluoglu and try out their baklava. The "dry" kind with less syrup with walnuts is my favorite!


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