Friday, December 23, 2011

This Christmas: With Michaela of Michaela Noelle Designs

To wrap up our "This Christmas" Series-
The super adorable, chic, and darling Michaela Noelle!

Hello and Merry {almost!} Christmas to you Delightfully Chic readers! I'm Michaela and blog over at Michaela Noelle Designs

I love all things interior design & fashion, so they normally influence my Christmas Wish List (:

Here's what I'm hoping for this Christmas:

1. Caitlin Wilson Textile pillows. I've got a major thing for fun pillows!

2. Some moolah to buy this West Elm Parson's desk. Contemporary and chic...perfection.

3. Some Tory Burch flats...a little pricey, but a girl can dream (: 

4. After the loss of our sweet pup last summer, the one thing I'm really longing for this Christmas is a light-colored golden retriever! All together now... "Awwww"

Thanks for having me over to your sweet blog, Tiffany!
Merry Christmas to all your readers (:



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