Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snow Day Nesting

Did you miss me?  I decided to go MIA yesterday to enjoy yet another snow day and spend the day "nesting" and prepping for Baby G! I was able to get almost all of the little one's blankets, bibs, onesies, bath towel hoodies and wash clothes washed and ready to go.  I am not a fan of clutter so I have been slowly adding a little at a time to the nursery.  I have to make sure things are super organized and have their "assigned" place before moving into the room. 

I also spent the evening (on Grammy commercial breaks) working on Thank You cards from our amazing baby showers. 

Next on the list, take home outfits and time to pack those hospital bags!

Any suggestions on what we should bring to the hospital or what we should skip on??

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