Monday, February 29, 2016

Quote of the Week {Weekend Wrap Up}

This past weekend was so busy yet full of fun!  Scott and I kicked the weekend off with one of the most perfect rehearsal dinners I have ever been to. The countless toasts that were given were so heartfelt and brought the entire group to tears.  I have never heard more truer words spoken about two genuine people.

 Saturday, we took time before more wedding festivities to finish up all of Baby G's laundry and handle a few items on the "to do" list.

Trapping myself in the laundry room with these tiny and precious outfits isn't too bad!
All other laundry items I have no desire to handle! 

Next! It was time to celebrate our dear and lifelong friend John!  We could not be happier for him and Jessica!! I hope they are finally relaxing and soaking up lots of sun in St. Lucia!

Scott and I with the groom!!! YOU DID IT!!

Scott, Baby G, and I...we are just under 3 weeks to go!!!
My handsome brother and amazing and beautiful "Sweet Mama" 
Of course there was a brother- sister moment! 
So many friends that I haven't seen in years were there! Seeing my gorgeous friend Amy was total icing on the cake!!!! Loved catching up and getting mommy tips from her! 

Sunday, ALL DAY LONG, I kidnapped Mama and we tackled ALL of the last minute things for Baby G!  After the glider arrives today and the "take home" outfits hopefully arrive end of the week we are offically set and just waiting on this little one to completely change our lives forever! 
I soooooo cannot wait! 

As we count down the days and try to remain patient I leave you with this quote! 

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