Friday, February 19, 2016

Fashion Fix Friday {Choker Necklace}

This week we are talking about a trend that I totally was obsessed with in the early 90's!  
Choker necklaces!  
I swear, give me a cameo choker necklace and call it a day!! I loved them and STILL love this look.  I am super excited to see them popping up again.  This time around I might just let the cameo be, while I obsess the look of the ribbon choker.

Here are a few looks to get you inspired!

Are you lovin'?  Are you totally stoked to see this trend return?

I think  it's time we Shop the Look!

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  1. No idea if I can pull this off again, but maybe I'll give it a try!

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  3. Thta's very trendy and fashionable as well! choker pearl necklace is very trendy too. With small white pearl beads make the necklace very fashionable. When one wears such kinda necklace, she can feel the real difference. It completely gives one a smarter look and gorgeous too.

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