Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Design Element Must: Greenery

One design element that I love to see in just about any space is a greenery plant of some sort.  For me, they brighten and bring life to a room.  We currently have ivy in our laundry room, a money tree that formally resided in my office is now in our master bathroom, and a bamboo plant sits in Scott’s office.  I am head over hills in love with lemon cypress trees in our kitchen area, but seeing as I have just killed our second one I think I am giving up on these fragrant darlings.
Lately, I have crushed over two plants.  The fiddle leaf fig and the snake plant.  I would love to see the fiddle leaf in our kitchen nook or possibly in one of our living spaces. This tree to me just screams sleek and modern life.  The snake plant I think deserves a home in Baby G’s nursery.  I love the snake plant because it not only purifies the air, it is safe for the little one, and provides fun color.  

What are your favorite indoor plants for your home? 

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