Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Boxwood Wreath

Every year, thanks to my Mother-in-Law, I have a beautiful fresh boxwood wreath hanging in our home.  Last year's wreath lasted from December- September!!  

I have found if you mist them with water 1-2 times a week and basically just let them be, they last for months!  Yesterday I came home to not one, but two gorgeous wreaths!  I immediately hung the first in our kitchen and the second (after I fancy it with a bow) will hang on our front door. 

There are still so many people that stick with traditional evergreen wreaths, but for me the boxwood offers simplicity with classic elegance.  

{Inspiration via Delightfully Chic and Pinterest}

Are you a fan of the boxwood like me?!  How do you display your wreath in your home?!
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