Monday, December 28, 2015

Quote of the Week {Weekend Wrap Up}

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! I love coming together as a family, remembering the true meaning of Christmas, and of course all the gift giving.  It's just such a happy time.

Every year we spend Christmas Eve at my dear Great Aunt Flonnie's house.  She is 94 this year and I think we all are counting our blessing for having another year with her.  I have to be honest, I am a little camera shy since packing on the lbs for what is sure to be a healthy and plump Baby G, but I had to snap a few pics with my precious family!

 This is my and Scott's 3rd and last Christmas together as a family of two! So we were up at 6:30am to make special memories and open gifts just him and I! 

We really kicked things off at Scott's Parents!  There was an amazing breakfast, gifts all around, and great QT with the family!

Our next stop was to see my parents and brother!  I have to say "Santa" seriously impresses me every year.  I cannot count the blessings!  Baby G received so many gifts...this baby is already so loved and sure to be spoiled! 

 One of my favorite gifts that brought on yet another round of tears (I can't count how many happy tears I have cried lately) was this precious ornament from Sweet Mama.  To say our prayers with Baby G were answered would be an understatement! I still thank God in amazement for HIM blessing us with this priceless gift.

After we wrapped the Christmas festivities all I wanted to do was work in the nursery and start putting all of the little one's things away!  And, since I have been holding out on you all, and will be for a few more weeks I thought I would give you a tiny peek into Baby G's nursery!

I still can't get over how warm it was in NC these past few days.  Upper 70's for Christmas is just crazy!  So on Sunday, when we were back to our usual routine of cleaning around the house and running errands, our big boy got a much needed bath.  I'm not sure how happy he was about this at the time, but he sure seemed to be a happy boy after his bath!

So how was your Christmas?!  Did you enjoy lots of quality time with your family?

As we wrap up the 2015 year and welcome a new fresh 2016 I leave you with this quote!

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  1. Tiffany you look FABULOUS!!! I can not wait to see this precious little one!!

  2. Thank you so much!! I will have to send you a side view shot soon!!! We are officially under 12 weeks until we meet our little Baby G!!!! xoxo


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