Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Search Continues {For the Perfect Rug}

Since day one of moving into our new home 
I  have struggled with finding the perfect rug for 3 particular spaces.
 Our downstairs bathroom, our upstairs guest bathroom, and our breakfast nook. 
I "think" I know what I want and I usually can find what I am looking for, but then
sticker shock sets in.  I refuse to invest an insane amount into a gorgeous rug and 
then constantly stress them getting dirty when little ones come along. 
I want beautiful rugs, but at a reasonable price, that I can enjoy!  

Here's where I'm at on the search and 
I'm feeling really good about these prices! 
As much as I would completely die for a one of a kind Persian Rug, 
5k plus just isn't in the budget!  

All of these I am loving for our guest bathroom!

 And here is where the "I think" 
I know exactly what I want falls apart!

I cannot for the life of me commit to a color scheme!

And the downstairs bathroom...

Do you have go to shops for your rugs?!
Spill the beans!  This girl needs help!
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