Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Quote of the Week {Weekend Wrap Up}

Hey!! I’m back!  Guess who had an impromptu extra day of vacation thanks to 
a cancelled flight?!  THIS GIRL!  Scott and I left out on Friday to join my brother, Brent, 
his fiancée Tina, and two other friends (Jamie and Michelle) along with lots of family in 
Connecticut (where Tina's family lives) for my brother's Stag Party!  
 It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but lots of fun!  When we arrived Friday we picked up 
two rental cars and the guys and girls went our separate ways for wedding festivities until 
meeting back up later that evening.  Here are a few pics from our Friday night fun!

Saturday,  we started the day off in true Arduini House fashion! 
One of the best perks about Brent marrying Tina (besides Tina herself who I adore) is her AMAZING big Italian family that comes along with her!  I love love love the Arduini gang! I always feel at home when I visit and you can always count on amazing bevs and meals!  After we "recovered" from Friday night (just kiddin' mama) we walked the beach, did a little day drinking (sorry about that too mama) and took in a few beautiful homes!

Sunday was a day of R + R  with family until heading to the airport where we all know 
what went down!  But, Hey, how can anyone complain about an extra nights stay in NYC?! 


 The hubby and I had a mini date night (at the hotel bar) and 
made it back home safely late yesterday! 

And that's all folks!  This girl is tired but, thankful for an amazing weekend 
with so many that I love and adore!


I decided on this quote for the this week because even though Scott and I spent multiply unplanned hours in the airport on Sunday and then again for over most of the day yesterday, the time we spent there was one I will always cherish.  No matter the situation we are put in we always seem to laugh till it hurts and make the best of our time together.  I absolutely love and adore this life I live with you!

Wishing you all an amazing week!

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