Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Master Bath Reno

For what seems like way too many months now I have been working on our Master Bath Renovation.  It was a simple and budget friendly update that I had hoped to knock out in just a couple of weekends, but as with most home projects there were a few setbacks.  

Before we go any further here is a look at the master bath stripped down prior to its little face lift! 

I don't have a good quality pic to show you a before of the window, but prior to the update there was a privacy film on it.  That was the very first thing I removed!  I LOVE natural light and see no reason to keep it out.  

The black and white tile floor and subway and marble shower details I am a total fan of so that was a huge relief and cost saver. Basically for this reno we would only be updating the pale green walls, hardware, and decor.

Usually, I can paint a room of this size in a couple of hours.  However, I quickly discovered that the previous homeowners who had purchased our home and did a quick flip within a year (which I am totally grateful for) had pulled wallpaper down and left glue sporadically behind.  Ugh!!! I’ve never seen paint looks so terrible on a wall, total disaster.  I then tried to take on sanding and priming the walls and I lasted for about um...30 minutes!  I had to call in back up aka Daddy to take over.  The smell of the primer was just too much for these little lungs of mine. 

In addition to painting the walls, I also gave the window trim, molding, and ceiling a fresh coat of paint.  

The abstract artwork I hung where the towel rack used to be is actually printable/digital downloads from Etsy!  I printed the images on cardstock paper and picked up frames from Michael's! I felt super frugal and proud of myself for thinking outside the box.
After the walls were done, I started painting all of the hardware.  The lighting fixture, the cabinet handles, even the toilet paper holder.  They were a brushed silver originally.  I try with every room I update to stay on budget and cut costs where I can.  I loved our hardware just not the color.  So out came my trusty bottle of spray paint.  I could not get over what a difference the color change made.  I also changed our current mirror from white to black to add a more dramatic contrast to the white walls.  

Next I had Scott step in to help and we tackled the shelving.  I’ll be honest, the shelving was a vision I was determined to bring to life.  I knew I not only wanted to see these handmade shelves by Scott and I in our master bath, but I also wanted to see them in the 

Did I mention the store opens THIS WEEK and these darling shelves can be YOURS?!

Finally, everything was in place and it was time to pull in the décor, my favorite part.  

 In the end this small renovation took longer than expected, but I couldn't be happier with the end results. The space feels bright and roomy and that was my overall end goal. 

One weekend soon I hope to tackle a Roman shade for the window, but honestly I am loving all the light that pours in every morning and afternoon!

The Details
Paint Color - Benjamin Moore, Decorators White (my all time fave)
Printable Artwork - Etsy 
Jute Basket - TJ Maxx
Jute Rug - Bed Bath & Beyond
Accent Decor - Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Local Antique Stores

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  2. What kind and color spray paint did you use for the hardware?!

  3. Is this available somehow? It's darling and I would love to use for a newly remodeled bathroom!


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