Friday, April 12, 2013

If The Music is Good, You *Dance* {#Dchic Top 5 Downloads}

Did anyone catch SNL last Saturday with the forever hilarious Melissa Mccarthy hosting?
That woman seriously cracks me up!!  Phoenix, a French alternative rock band from Versailles, was the musical group to perform.  Have you ever heard of these guys?  They are new to me but, I instantly became a fan.  "Entertainment" (I've had stuck on repeat) is their first single off their new album Bankrupt, set to release April 23.
Song number two, "Run" by Kill it Kid (another new group to me) caught my attention on a commercial (I don't even recall the advertisement) but, immediately pulled out the iPhone to shazam the tune. 
We all know Kelly Clarkson, her new song "Don't Rush" I love for the pure fact it's bee-boppy and it reminds me of old school 80's country/blues, like K.T Oslen and Bonnie Raitt. 
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had me with Thrift Shop and no surprise I 'm totally diggin' their second release "Can't Hold Us".  It makes me it's a win!
Carly Rae, "Tonight I'm Getting Over You"...Just makes me wanna have a girls night on the town with again LOTS of dancing!
A bonus track from non other than my childhood heartthrobs... New Kids On The Block!!
"We Own The Night" is the first track on their newest album "10". sweet mama's personal fave off their lastest album (who knew she was such a fan) "Remix".

I hope you enjoy...Crank it on up and Dance!

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  1. Melissa McCarthy is my hero! She is beautiful and ridiculously hilarious! I feel like everything she does is gold.

    And I will admit to loving Kelly Clarkson, but I enjoy Carly Rae in the privacy of my car. ;-)

    I'm visiting from The Weekend Blog Hop.

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