Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Let me start by saying, I'm so super sorry for skipping out early this past Friday and leaving ya hanging without your #Dchic "Top 5 Downloads" of the week.  Last week I came across so many new songs, but, time got away from me and I totally missed the post.
I do however, have a GREAT lineup coming for you this Friday with last weeks and a few newbies.
To hold you over till then, I thought I would share  Mariah Carey and Miguel's new song, "Beautiful" that I think is ridiculously catchy and perfect for summer!
I promise, you will keep this one on repeat!
Added Bonus...the video for Beautiful will debut tomorrow on American Idol.
I for one, REFUSE to watch American Idol as long as Nicki Minaj is still on the show but, considering making an exception tomorrow night... 3mins of a living room body swaying...kinda hard to resist!

Mariah's new album is scheduled to release this summer!!

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  1. I know! I am sooooo excited and LOVE the first single- no doubt it will be another chart topper!
    Thanks for stopping by love- hope all is well in NYC

    xo- Tiffany


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