Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Copley Plantation

This post is a few weeks overdue, but it's one I wanted to share with all of you as this home is very special to our family, especially my Sweet Mama.  On Mother's Day this year my brother, Scott, Fiona, and myself, went with Mama back to her roots and took a trip down memory lane at her Grandparents farmhouse.  This is probably Mama's most favorite place on earth.  She always says she feels like she can just breathe when she's "back home".

Caleb & Viola Copley
 Built in 1885

Isn't she beautiful? The double chimneys, the sun room with overhead balcony, and of course the white wood with black shutters (my idea of perfection). 

Look at these cuties on the front porch swing! 
Pretty special for Fiona to be swinging on her Great Great Grandparents front porch! 

The home is no longer owned by our family, however, we are so fortunate that the new owner is absolutely amazing and allows us to visit.  My mom and her have formed quite the friendship.  

Here are few inside pics I snapped. 

I would love to pack our bags and move on in! 
This home just speaks to me! 

All of the original barns have been restored however, recently they moved all the animals to new homes.

And for fun...

Fiona obviously felt right at home too...she was a mad woman running all over the place! 

Mama and her "babies"...

 And lastly...a look back

We are so thankful to the Latta family for loving this house the way our family did and still does.
Thank you for bringing her back to life!
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  1. What a special place for you and your family. I enjoyed reading this and seeing your beautiful photos!

    1. Awe- I am so glad you enjoyed- it was a SUPER special day for all of us!


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