Monday, December 3, 2012

HELP...Decorating Disaster

How do you hang garland in your home?  

My sweet mama and I struggled BIG TIME with Command Hooks last night!  I'm talking multiple trips to Lowe's Home Improvement for several different types of hooks.  Yes, we followed the instructions, press for 30 seconds, let set for an hour.  Actually, we even let it set a little longer just for good measure.  Tonight we take matters into our own hands...that is Starbucks in the left & Staple Gun in the right!  Oh poor poor walls!  Thank goodness I have a few good painters in the fam! ; ) AND Thank goodness I have a mother who won't stop until her daughters vision comes to life!  Off to OWN this garland...however, if you have tips or tricks PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment below, tweet me at tiffanybashley, or leave a facebook comment 
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#womenonamission #dchic

Ps...I might should mention I'm hanging the garland on a wall in-between two doors. 

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