Monday, March 26, 2012

Preggo Chic...

I have this crazy weird obsession with maternity clothes and preggo style!
I'm not sure if it's sheer fear that baby equals no more skinnies and pumps or that the styles are limited or maybe in reality I'm just dreaming of the day I actually have to stress the idea of  preggo chic style?? 
I love that all my girlfriends have had not only their first but some are actually expecting baby number two (3 of my closest girlfriends are due this summer).  I am constantly asking about their pants and tips and tricks for making the look stylish yet comfy.
I am absolutely no where even close to having to up the maternity clothing section in my closet but, when the day comes...I am sure to be prepared!


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  1. Where were those cute styles when I was pregnant? Although, in reality, those girls are about the size I was before I even got to the 2nd trimester... in fact I could have eaten those girls alive. Moo moos are wonderful... and if it's a maxi, it's most likely in style anyways! :)

  2. I love maternity style! I have not had any children yet but I also love looking at the fashion! :)

  3. Love, Love, Love these!!! :) Thanks for the great ideas!!! ~ <3 Casey


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