Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Spy...

Snowboarding Gear

So my latest notion is to "hit the slopes" with my girlfriends!
Y'all know by now...I'm a summer chick!  Cold weather just doesn't do it for me however, I am dying to learn or at least ATTEMPT to snowboard! I have never even tried skiing!!
Have I lost my mind? 
Should I just set sail to the tropics instead?!

I think what has me most excited about this adventure is the kick a$$ threads!!
So as I said...I'm clueless about what I will need but, if I had to pick,
these would be packed in my bag!

sunnies   pants    jacket    beanie    gloves     snowboard

Where are some of your fave ski lodges?
Any tips or tricks of the trade for us clueless girls before we give it a whirl?!

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