Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh Stella

Once again my wish list grows...

Stella Dot is a fave of mine when it comes to beautiful and fun jewelry...

The Palm Beach collection...I'm drooling over!!

Turquoise love!

So fun!!


  1. This collection is so pretty! I love all the colors.

  2. I love the turquoise SO MUCH! :)

    xo, gina

  3. I love all these too! Stella and Dot is definitely one of my faves!!!

  4. They have the best stuff. I just ordered a bunch a few months ago and I'm already ready to go at it again!

  5. I usually don't wear to many necklaces but MY WORD...I'm craving this one!! The entire collection is GORGE!!!


  6. I love wearing all of these pieces and receive so many compliments when I do. So easy to dress up a t-shirt and jeans! If you'd like to learn more about my fabulous and rewarding job as a Stylist, please contact me at Or if you'd like to shop these cute styles and more on Sale, visit my website at


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