Sunday, November 21, 2010


This weekend I officially began decorating for Christmas!
Saturday was spent baking cookies, up to the attic for decorations, holiday movies playing and by the end of the day...
Tree is up and there's almost a touch of Christmas in every room of the house.  Now I am just walking through my home with my creative wheels turning and envisioning what else I can do to bring even MORE Christmas spirit to my home! I realize by the time I finish and Christmas Day arrives my home will closely resemble Santa's workshop...and I'm OK with that!  :)

Now I need to decide something fun to do with garland this year...

These are just a few pics from House Beautiful and Martha Stewart that have my creative juices flowing!
What's your favorite?  I'm loving the garland incorporated with the feathers!


  1. I'm glad you are having fun decorating! I hope to start mine tomorrow.

    I have a HUGE magnolia tree so if you want any magnolia leaves for decor please come see me!

  2. Love the garland! I want silver garlands with red berries:-) Will find it!

  3. Beautiful....I needed some inspiration start decorating for the Holidays!

  4. love your blog! & all the great design links you have on the sidebar; yay more inspiration!

    We just put up the tree in our apartment and had our holiday tunes playing. i'm more excited than ever this year for some reason!


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