Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello Bob

I've always wore my hair long but recently, I have been debating cutting my hair...YIKES! 
It does seem to be the trend this fall!

via UsWeekly

So what do you think...did these celebs make a mistake or are you on board with the shorter locks of fall?!


  1. Everyone looks great...EXCEPT Miss Ashlee should have kept her long locks...her face is too angular or something?
    I too have long long long hair and have had it that way forever...I dont think I can part with it though. Fun post :)

  2. I only like the short hair on Nicole Richie...the rest should leave their hair LOOOONG! :)))))

  3. Carly- I agree Ashlee's hair is much better long!

    Jenn- When I actually got to the salon last week I said...Um let's just leave it long! lol thanks so much for stopping by!! : )

    OxOx- Tiffany


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