Monday, November 30, 2015

Quote of the Week {Weekend Wrap Up}

So, how was your Thanksgiving?  Did you have to up your pants size? I think my brother said it best when he said “every single thing on my plate was amazing”.  Thanksgiving was so much fun. We started the day off with an amazing breakfast prepared by Sweet Mama and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Next it was off to Mama Gatiher's for the big feast. There were about 18 of us and we had the best time coming together as a family and eating till we felt dizzy.  I didn’t snap too many pics, but here is a look back at Thursday.

 Here are some of the most wonderful 4 1/2 reasons I am so thankful this year.
(my Brother and soon to be "UncB"  Brent, "Sweet Mama", "The Man Who Hung the Moon" aka Daddy, yours truly accompanied by precious "Baby G", and my amazing husband Scott)

Mama Gaither always knows how to host a party!  I can't believe I didn't snap more pics of the food and decor but I did capture at least one. 

We made it back home around 7ish and immediately PJ's went on, Scott who NEVER stops 
fell asleep super early and I watched one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, Christmas with the Krank's.  If you have never seen this movie promise me you will check this off your list asap.  

Friday, we had planned to head the mountains with the Gaither family to pick out their Christmas tree, but I've been fighting a cold, and Scott and I were both exhausted so we decided to sleep in on Friday.  Once we were up and moving we were in full on Black Friday mode. We purchased several gifts and of course picked up a few things for Baby G.  I am loving every minute shopping for this little one. 

Saturday, Mama and I had a baby shower to attend then Scott and I did it again. More shopping. 
I love that my guy enjoys hitting all the stores with me. Once we were finally back home it was time for our second Christmas movie, one of Scott's favorites, Home Alone.

Sunday, we were up early for church and lunch with the family.  Then it was back to the normal routine.  Grocery store, laundry, and cleaning around the house.  About 2 months ago Scott decided that I was "banned" from our weekly Sunday afternoon grocery store trip.  He "claims" I get too distracted and toss too many "unnecessary" items in the basket.  I say this is totally bananas, however, I don't complain since he brings me home "surprises" each week.  Yesterday, I somehow managed to join him at the Teeter where I was only allowed to push the basket! Yall he CRACKS me UP!
He kept saying, "First, I start here, then I go here", and every time I happened to glance at an item he would say, "that is not on the list"!! He was so dang cute!

We wrapped up the long holiday weekend making tweaks on the outside Christmas decor.
As we started to snap a few pics, we noticed the most handsome photobomber! 
Our big boy, Lucian!  
He might be a doberman but he acts the way our Yorkie Presley should behave and our little girl Pres is as feisty as a doberman. 

Finally, we curled up on the couch with a cup of hot tea I picked up from The Spice and Tea Exchange on my last trip to Blowing Rock.

Tomorrow is the first day of December.  Let's make this last month of the year the best!
This is the most magical time of the year after all. 

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