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Show + Tell {For Mommy + Me}

I am extra excited to share this week’s Show + Tell as my dear friend Angela Charles is one of the owners along with Courtney Newbery behind the adorable Etsy Shop For Mommy and Me!  Both Angela and Courtney have little ones of their own and decided what better way to make a little extra money while getting to doll up with their girls?!   
Their designs are beyond presh and have me totally swooning for a little girl to coordinate with! 
 I had the opportunity to have a little Q & A with Angela and Courtney to get all the juicy details behind their up and coming shop!

 Starting NOW until Friday Angela and Courtney are offering all Delightfully Chic readers
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Now Let's get to know the creatives, Angela & Courtney!

How did you meet? 
C - Ang and I met during our freshman year at the University of Southern California. We lived down the hall from each other in the dorm and both shared a love for running and scrapbooking. After both pursuing the same major, joining the same sorority, and getting serious about the same faith-- we grew into fast friends!
A – Courtney and I have known each other for a long time now! Since college! We have always had a ton in common. We lived in the same dorm, joined the same sorority, had the same major, ended up pursuing the same studies in grad school years later, both have a love of running, family, faith… and of course crafting! We started with scrapbooking back in college and have now moved into creating accessories for ourselves, our daughters and now, since starting For Mommy & Me, other mommies and daughters too!

How did For Mommy & Me come about? 
C - We have always needed a project to keep our creative juices flowing. From writing to crafting, we enjoy working together toward a goal. As young moms, we thought For Mommy & Me would be a great way to be with our kids, explore our creative outlet and make a little extra money for our families.
A – Courtney and I have both crafting on our own for a while but recently we decided to turn our individual hobbies into a business. We work great together and now that we don’t live in the same state anymore, it helps keep us connected. It never feels like work… just fun with a friend!

What are your favorite For Mommy and Me Pieces? 
C - Love the jersey turbans and anything with a bow! I love being able to match my daughter!
A - I like the shabby chic flower headbands, fun earrings and hair clips!

Where do you find inspiration to stay creative? 
C - I see inspiration all around me. I love walking through the craft stores and touching the fabrics. It helps me to be creative.
A - Inspiration can come from anywhere! Stores we love, online, brainstorming together! It's fun to work with a good friend and be able to chat about new ideas and get excited together. That inspires me. Plus my beautiful baby girl inspires me daily to be a mommy that she can be proud of. Strong, confident, loving and generous - I want her to see these traits in me. This keeps me on my toes sometimes!

What is your favorite part about being a “Mommy”? 
C - My favorite part about being a mommy is watching my kids loving life. Seeing them experience something for the first time or grow in some way makes me want to keep on even on the hard days.  
A - Being a mommy is the most fun I've ever had and has helped me be content. I love being with my little girl every day and seeing her eyes light up at the sight of a stick on the ground or a butterfly. She has taught me to slow down a bit and just take life in, more like a child.

What makes For Mommy & Me unique? 
C - Our company is unique because each and every product is hand-crafted by real moms with daughters who want to bring a little brightness and joy to other moms and daughters.
A – We understand the wants and needs of moms because we are in the same shoes. Our goal is to create items that both moms and daughters will enjoy wearing – nice and comfy and of course, cute! We will also, for every five products purchased, donate one special item to a mommy and daughter in need.

What are your dreams/goals For Mommy and Me brand?! 
C - My dream for For Mommy & Me is to engage mommies and daughters by offering beautiful things that will help them have a little fun together. My heart is also to help those in need by offering them the same opportunity through our 1 for 5 program (a program in which, for every five products purchased, one special product will be made and donated to a mommy and daughter in need).
A - I hope mommies and daughters will enjoy our products for years to come!


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