Friday, January 2, 2015

Fashion Fix Friday {Plaid Scarves}

I hope you all had an awesome NYE and started 2015 off right!
We went super low key and went out to dinner, then stopped by the ole Harris Teeter on the way home to pick up some bubbly and snuggled up on the couch for a Game of Thrones Marathon. Have y'all ever seen this show?? We just started season one and wowzers is all I can say!  I had no idea how "raunchy" the show was!  After the hubs fell asleep on the couch I flipped it over to Dick Clark's New Year's Eve and rocked out to my girl Taylor Swift.  How seriously AMAZING does she look these days? AND confidence for days...LOVE IT!  At 11:50pm I popped the booze and woke my hunny for a little 10, 9, 8, 7 action and a smooch!
Hello 2015 I hope you are just as amazing as 2014!

Ok, on to the good stuff…

I honestly, do not think anyone can have too many scarves- 
they are best accessory and can totally change up several different outfits by
 swapping out with a new scarf.
My latest obsession is plaid scarves.  
 You would think this would be a simple find but, scouting the perfect one can sometimes be a little more tricky than one would think.  
The hunt is real and continues...
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