Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DIY Fun: #Dchic Project {End Table Plays Dress Up}

This past week I decided to take on a little DIY project and fix up an old end table.  
 I found this gem when Scott and I were moving into our new home and treasure hunting through our parent's houses and storage rooms.  My mom had this darling piece tucked away in storage and I immediately asked if I could swipe it and have a little fun with the paint brush!  
 This was by far one of the easiest furniture fixer uppers I’ve taken on and it has added 
such a nice touch to our formal living room. 

First I gave the pieces a good "bath" so it could shine pretty for it's before pic!

Then I sanded

 Next I put a coat of primer on- I made the mistake of grabbing oil based primer instead of a water based primer but, the end result was not affected.  Just a PAIN to clean the brush!

Next, a good ole coat of white paint!! Oh the wonders of paint!

The next two steps I completely forgot to snap pics of but, I picked up a $2 bottle of gold metallic paint from Hobby Lobby and a tiny little brush and painted the two crevasses around the top of the table.  The table I felt from day one needed a cute knob on it so again my old trusty Hobby Lobby supplied me with a $6 drawer knob and I had Scott drill a hole and ta-da! We have a faux drawer! 

Here is the end result and I couldn't be happier!
This doll sits in our formal living room and I just love her!

Here's a question for you...I am thinking about painting the legs of our tufted grey chair white.  

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