Friday, January 9, 2015

Fashion Fix Friday {The Herringbone Vest}

In my “older” more “wiser” years I am trying really hard to take in what my sweet mama has preached to me for years!  “Buy staple, classic pieces for your wardrobe”.  I’m SURE you have all heard the same thing from your mom’s but, sometimes those super trendy, funky, I can only wear this one time because I’d just dieeee if anybody caught me wearing the same thing twice items are just so hard to resist.   Your classic pieces will be your go to items on days you can’t find anything to wear, those interchangeable pieces that switch up a look, those pieces you can keep for years and they never go out of style.  This is how I feel about the ever coveted herringbone vest!  It’s a must and a staple piece that’s not only stylish but timeless!  

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