Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A Cozy Valentine's Day

When your husband is on duty for the upcoming day of love you make plans with your darling daughter to snuggle on the couch, watch lots of RomComs, and try to be as cozy as possible! 

In preparation for our upcoming snuggle sesh  here are a few necessities I will be rounding up to make sure we are extra prepared for our girl-time!

The Details

1. The Limited Edition Diptyque Rose Delight Candle
2. Love + Grace Fleece Sweatshirt
3. Miss Fi is finally sleeping with a pillow - isn't this a total doll for a first pillow?!
4. Fiona is just as obsessed with slippers as I am... however, she has this weird thing where she likes to only wear one at a time! haha
5. Ok, so I know you think this adorable velvet bow is for Fiona...BUT, this Mama plans to fancy up her pony tail too!
6. Fiona has this darling set from Anthropologie.  How cute is the deer "Drink Up" cup?
7. My mug filled with coffee for our Rom Coms
8. & 9. Blush Pillows I cannot get enough of them! You can find the chunky knit pillow here and the blush faux fur here.
10. We gotta wrap up!  This heart throw will be perfect!
11. Yall know I will have my slippers on!  I put them on the very second I walk into our house! No matter the day or time!

What are your Valentines plans?!
Will you be curled up in your comfies or dolled up and hitting the town?!

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