Monday, September 28, 2015

Quote of the Week {Weekend Wrap Up}

Happy Monday!

Did you survive the rainy weekend?  I personally enjoyed the Seattle like weather. 
There wasn’t too much on the agenda this weekend.  Scott and I stayed in on Friday and had his favorite, spaghetti.  That boy loves some spaghetti!  I remember the first time I cooked for him when we were dating, this was what he requested!  I love it too, but geez Louise, every week is a bit much! Can you tell this is an ongoing battle at The Gaither house?!  The only meal I feel appropriate to have every week is, that’s right, you guessed it, TACOS! 

Saturday, Sweet Mama and I had a mother-daughter day.  We went shopping for my very first maternity clothes!  All I can say is you might have to pry my new comfy digs from my hands after Baby G arrives.  Oh my!  Who is this girl I’m turning in to??  But, seriously, tops and dresses were super easy to shop for, however, I still need to find some bottoms that I like. So I am open to suggestions from all you mommy’s out there!  I still have a little time, ok maybe a week, at most!

And you know the trip was not complete until we 
had our Starbucks fix.
My past two trips I have tried the new Toasted Graham Latte.
It is delish, really creamy taste to it.
On Saturday I tried to order my beloved Chestnut Praline, but
was shut down. Let's all pray they bring it back for the holiday season. 

Sunday, was church, dinner with the family, and then I finished up my DIY dresser 
for our master bedroom!!  Once we get the ridiculously heavy piece moved up stairs and 
styled I promise to post pics!


This week we finally welcome October.   
I couldn’t be more excited for one of the most beautiful months of the year!

 Wishing you all a wonderful week!
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