Monday, September 21, 2015

Quote of the Week {Weekend Wrap Up}

Well, that's a wrap on another weekend and the last offical weekend of summer!
 What did you do this weekend?!

For us, we kept close by the house and worked
on any and every project we could.
I am almost finished with my latest furniture piece and
I am beyond determined to have Scott and some of his friends
move it into our master bedroom THIS WEEK!
I don't think I'll have to beg, he is so ready for me to have it out of his 
workshop.  He says all my projects are totally killing the vibe of 
his man cave! 

Here's a peak of the fab handles for the piece. 

Saturday night we did take a break, thanks to Sweet Mama, and had a little
comic relief with James Gregory in the big town of Liberty!
If you have never heard him before, you're missing out! Hilarious!
However, I do warn you, unless you are 100% Southern, you might not
fall in the floor laughing like we did! 

Sunday, it was church then family lunch, compliments of Sweet Mama again!
Then it was back to paint brush and projects!

Did I mention we also shopped paint samples for the nursery this weekend?!
SO, exciting!

This week marks the beginning of fall and I have a tendency to share the
same quote every year as he is one of my favorite authors and I really hate to 
break tradition, so…

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