Thursday, October 3, 2013

Swoonin' and Givin' in to White Perfection

Whether it's an all white room, white flooring, a white picket fence, crisp white linens, or gorgeous, perfectly chic in every way white pumpkins, I swoon!
I'm not sure if this year's white pumpkins are just more fab than years past but, I have seriously been having a major obsession with them.  I feel like they are everywhere I turn. 
I decided to still go the traditional route and picked up my usual orange pumpkins {they just fit the look of my home better}.  BUT, immediately after paying for them I caved just a little and turned around and swooped up the most dainty and precious white pumpkin.  I HAD to have at least one!
Now that all pumpkins are in place and the house looks festive for the fall months one would think I'd be content, right?!   Who am I kidding?! I'm STILL obsessing and can't let the thought of all the beautiful white ones from the pumpkin patch go.  
I do believe this weekend I will just have to bring a few more home!
Now, I have to start deciding how and where to incorporate these statement making darlings!

Are you a fan? 
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1 comment:

  1. Absolutely a fan! We visit my hubby's alma mater every year for the pumpkin festival and we always get white pumpkins. Love!


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