Wednesday, July 17, 2013

For The Love Of Cooking {And...Poolside Celebrations}

Sorry to go all MIA on ya yesterday but, after my sweet Presley had a GREAT check up at the vet, this little lady went poolside with friends, my darling mama, and my bro's girlfriend Tina to celebrate and relax!!!  Presley no doubt needed the house to herself to sleep a little after her stressful morning ;)

Photo: #poolday fun with my lady loves @xxxctinaxxx #summer

No surprise my brother JUST couldn't keep away from the of course he crashed the party!

Photo: #Adore #summer #poolday @xxxctinaxxx #brother

If you are a regular of the Delightfully Chic Blog then you know one of my fave sites to visit for amazing and healthy recipes is Skinny Taste!

There have been so many yummy recipes on ST this summer and as much as I'd like to try them all I have yet to find a personal chef (dream come true) to make them for me.  Total Bummer!
Oh well...Until then I think I will start with a recipe that is super simple and sure to have everyone asking for seconds!

Stop by Skinny Taste for all the deets!

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  1. love your suit - you look fab! /


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