Monday, March 11, 2013

If The Music Is Good You *Dance* {#Dchic Top 5 Downloads}

Happy Monday Darlings!
I'm still playing catch-up {not the best way to start the week}...
Anyway, I decided to scratch the Top 5 Downloads I originally had planned for Friday and share with you a roundup of Calvin Harris songs.
When I told my friends I was going to see the phenom DJ that is Mr. Harris, so many of them had ZERO clue who he even was!!!
So, just in case you are also missing out on his greatness...I give you a knowledge dropping sesh this Monday morning and a few "Shake it Don't Break it” hits!
I have no doubt you will recognize a few!
Ps…Calvin Harris is one of the very few dj’s that actually provides vocals to a couple of the tracks he spins.

*You will need to have a Spotify account to listen- it's free to sign-up*

New Orleans was large!

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  1. LOVING your blog! Thank you so much for linking up on my Bloglovin Blog Hop! Now following you via Bloglovin and GFC.

    Take care,
    Happy Kids, Inc


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