Wednesday, March 20, 2013

For The Love Of Cooking

Hallelujah Spring has arrived!!!

I couldn't be more tickled to see all the buds on the trees and little signs of life popping up all-around!
For me, the spring season means new beginnings and coincidentally, that is exactly where I am in life; Starting a new chapter.  Well to be honest, I'm starting a whole new book!!!
Don't forget my challenge to you this week.  Have you been doing some serious soul searching?


Last week I was online shopping over at Williams-Sonoma when I came across this saucy eye-candy.
Chorizo and Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos

I can't wait to con my neighbors turned closed friends into giving these a go!
They love spicy foods and Christy's hubby Mike is a total grill master!
I will be more than willing to help with the coring of the peppers. 
If and only if I get to use the super cool pepper corer!

See the complete recipe here!

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