Monday, December 13, 2010

Lavish-What A Weekend

Let me first start by saying if you were unable to attend Lavish this past weekend in Atlanta, Georgia then start planning NOW to attend Lavish 2011!! It is SURE to be sell out!!  I had high expectations for the event and all were exceeded!  Here is a quick glimpse into the jam-packed weekend!
I will throughout the week continue to showcase some of favs!

Friday Night Cocktail Party hosted by What Are These Rocks? You will have to stay tuned to find out more (hint...launches first of the year) but let's just say we were the first in the USA to sip a very tasty treat from Israel!   
Halo booth (sponsored by Sokenbicha-another tasty treat) provided pics for the evening!

Saturday was a whirlwind!!
The day started off listening to the phenomenal panel of Cassandra LaValle (Coco+Kelley), Camille Styles Moore (Style Notes), and Monica Barnett (Blueprint for Style)

Next- The AMAZING ladies of Design Sponge spoke of "Getting the Word Out"

The entire lineup was INSANE!!

Saturday Night was ridiculously fun!  Rue Magazine, HGTV, Studio M, Room and Board, and Smilebooth hosted a blast of a night with The Flashdance providing tunes!  Seriously, I'm planning a party ASAP just so I can have them come DJ...They KILLED it!!

Here is a pic (via) of the lounge area at the par-tay!

Were you at Lavish??
What were some highlights for you??!!


  1. It was so great to meet you! I love looking back at the weekend...I am doing a post tomorrow!


  2. I am DYING off jealousy and I know my bloggy partner and bestie would be even more jealous as she blogs about design for us. SO awesome that must have been!

  3. OH that sounds like sooo much fun!!!


  4. I would've loved to sit in on that panel and the forum with Design Sponge! What were the girls like in person? Did they give good advice? So fun Tiffany!

  5. So good to see another NC girl in the mix at Lavish!! I hope you had an easy trip home :)


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