Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm Feeling Oh So Blue...

Tobi Fairley has me feeling totally blue and I'm loving' it!!
Her work is absolutely drool worthy...don't believe me?? Feast your eyes on Tobi's work in this beautiful Fayetteville, Arkansas home!  Each room is so glam it seems to sparkle!  Whoever said blue was the color of boys was sadly mistaken!!

OK, how major is this chandelier?!! May I request for my bathroom?!  Just imagine...candle light, hot bath, and this chandelier for eye-candy?!

So for a queen!

Are you not in love?!  Are you totally feeling blue?!



  1. Gorgeous blue, especially the lamps in the first image, the sitting nook and the bedroom. Glamourous chique, love it.

  2. Everything is to DIE the room with just the blue lamps as the color detail...Gorgeous.

  3. I love Tobs! Did you see her Brunch with Santa post?! So festive :)


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