Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Trend Alert - Indigo Blue

A hot trend for Spring- Summer 2018 Interior Design...Indigo Blue!

I am so excited about this color trend!  Indigo to me is dark yet super vibrant and hello our house is FULL of this shade so obviously, I am a total fan and immensely enjoyed this round up - surprisingly enough there is not one single Chinoiserie vase in this collection! (somebody quick check my temperature) haha!

The first items I plan to snag will be the basket with gold handle details and the brushstroke pillow
Both of these items will work perfectly in our family room. 

I've linked everything up to help you add a splash of indigo to your home! 

Multipurpose Storage Bench would be perfect under a window seal or foot of a bed
Brushstroke Pillow (ps this pillow also comes in yellow and black
The gold detail basket comes in Large and Small 
If you are scared of too much blue - this candle will help you add a simple touch of indigo 
I have similar prints in our home in green, but how gorgeous is the blue?!! You can buy these individually or in a set!
 Rug in a 5x7 is UNDER $60!
Another easy way to add a subtle touch of indgo to your decor is by a vase!
Striped cylinder Vase
Short round Vase
Fan Palm Leaf 

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