Monday, March 26, 2018

Acts of Kindness - Challenge #1

Have you ever noticed when you tell a stranger hello and they give the slightest smile back and reply with a hello to you as well how it makes you feel?  What about when you go a step further and follow your hello with how are you today? The shock that appears on some faces like, wait you care how I feel?  YES…I care!

I am a huge fan of random acts of kindness. The feeling you get from doing something simple, but special for someone else is truly incredible! 

This is a brand new series to Delightfully Chic and I really hope you all jump on board with this and help share these challenges with your friends and family. I promise you will be AMAZED at how being nice to others and showing the simplest acts of kindness will actually make you feel amazing and completely change your outlook on life!

Mondays for so many are a drag…I find myself on Monday mornings completing the most acts of kindness in an effort to cheer someone up (and myself).  So I felt that kicking this series off on a Monday seemed pretty appropriate!  

So...Here is your first Random Acts of Kindness challenge for this week!

In a world with so many tragedies and heartbreak we have to remember just how many incredible and good people are in this world and how blessed we really are! Here’s hoping and praying that these challenges brighten your days and so many others!

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