Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Pillow Talk - Pajama Round Up

Let’s talk pajamas.  Yall, I have a serious love of all things comfy.  I will NOT buy something if I think it’s uncomfortable. I do not care what the item might be…WAIT, I would still forgo the comfort of my feet for a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, but then I draw the line!  Ok, that being said, I have a deep dark secret to share and it involves my pajamas.  I have a pair of pink VS pants from like 50 years ago and a pair of navy Abercrombie pj pants from um, like 100 years ago that I REFUSE TO PART WITH.  I am talking super saggy on the caboose, holes, way long so the drag the ground a little…all around HOTMESS, but as comfortable as a Sherpa snuggie.  When I have a bad day, or I’m just extra exhausted Scott will say to me, “I bet you want to go straight home and put on your pink pants” haha…It is THAT bad y’all!  So, I am trying to pull an intervention on myself and up my PJ game.  Please know this does not mean my pink and navy classics will be going away, I just might store them until I have a REALLY bad day then pull them out.  Ok, now they just sound like a security blanket! Eek…send help quick!

Here are a few sets that I plan to pick up this weekend that are sure to make me feel like I have my life together and are still extra cozy.  

Ok- These first three are currently on SALE for $10 each with FREE SHIPPING right now!
SCORE!  I am also thinking these sets would make great add on gift for the ladies in our family! 
I LOVE this set - how adorable?! 
Here is the link to snag a pair for yourself! 
This set makes me want to curl up and snuggle!

Next up are what is sure to be the new pajama bottoms that I wear for the next 50 years!
They come in FIVE different colors and are currently 60% OFF!!!
shop all five here

Last, I would love to snag this sleep shirt and crazy adorable over the knee socks!
 This Sleep Shirt comes in 4 different colors

Amazing right?!! They also come in a creamy gold!
See them here!

Ok...So tell me--is your lounge wear super chic or do you need an intervention too?!

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