Thursday, May 5, 2016

What's In a Name...

When deciding on a name for our baby girl, one thing was a given, her middle name!

A couple weeks back when our Fiona Grace was just 3 weeks old she had a very special play date!
My two very best friends since childhood Rebecca and Katie came over with their beautiful little ones, Carley Grace (5), Raylee (3), Bailey Grace (3), and Judson (6 months).

Do you spy a trend yet?

The three of us girls have a bond and friendship that is undeniable.  We have experienced elementary, middle, and high school together and when college came, we managed to find a way to live together.  When walking down the aisle to marry our amazing husbands we each stood next to each other as Matron and Maids of Honor.  We have experienced so much in life together that it only felt right when our first born daughters entered the world that they be connected to each other in some way.
Katie for as long as I can remember wanted to name her daughter Bailey Grace.  Bailey is her mom's maiden name.  Rebecca clenched to her faith more than ever when conceiving her first child so a middle name of Grace was more than appropriate. As for me, there was no way I would let my best friends or the  "Grace Trilogy" down.  Fiona Grace it was.  I find it so very special that not only do these three girls share the same middle name, but we all had our baby girls first.

Here are a few pictures from this very special day when all the kiddos met Fiona Grace!  

This was a surreal moment and one I will never forget.
(left to right) Carley Grace, Fiona Grace, Raylee, Judson, and Bailey Grace.

The "Grace Trilogy" is complete! 

4 best friends just hanging out!

Everyone got a little special time with little Fi...

Raylee is so sweet!  Every time I hear her say "I wanna see Fiona" my heart melts!

I think it's safe to say that Fiona's first play date was a total success!

I could not be more proud to be Aunt Tiff to these 4 angels! 

Oh my dear are going to have your hands full protecting all these girls!

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