Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Movie Round Up

Ok, so the first movie on the list is not a Christmas movie however, I have been wanting to spread the greatness of this movie for sometime now so...here goes! 

Blended, staring one of our favorite match-ups (need I remind you 50 First Dates) Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler is brillant and of course hilarious!  I seriously would go from laughing out loud to bawling my eyes out from happy tears!  The hubs and I picked this unexpected new fave up from the redbox the night before we moved into our new home and curled up to watch on a pallet we had made on the floor. #makingmemories
I don't want to give away details so just pour some hot tea or live on the edge and sip a hot toddy and curl up with those you love to watch this Christmas Holiday!! 

Ok, now onto the Christmas Round Up!
All of these movies, are favorites of mine and Scott's and a must every Christmas Season.

So what's your must watch movie during the holidays?? 
Any good ones I am missing?? 
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