Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Spy {Back to the Basics}

 My sweet mother for as long as I can remember has always said to me, "Tiffany you really should try to buy more classic pieces for your wardrobe and a little less trendy pieces that you can only wear a time or two." Do I agree with her? Absolutely! Do I find shopping for basics nearly as enjoyable as picking up an eye-catching "O.M.Gah Where did you get that" item?? No way!!
But, having said that, there is one basic piece that I think every woman should have in her closet…
A White Silk Blouse!!
Whether you dress it up or down, this simple top can come across as playful and flirty or give off super sex appeal!
The choice is yours…

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  1. Sounds just like my mom! Great tops, I agree with having a white blouse.


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