Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Spy: Dapper Brady {VMAN}

Last week I was all set to share with you the fall issue of VMAN mag hitting the newsstands August 23.  I started pulling together my post but could find absolutely ZERO info on the insanely hot cover featuring Tom Brady and one fierce pup.  I honestly started to believe I had dreamed the whole thing up.  I could just swear I saw it on E! News the night before but, after further investigating where I found NOTHING it was official...It was all a dream!

Then today...ta-da up pops an email from the fella with all the goods on the issue and handsome Brady, pup and all gracing the cover!  My "dreams" were now a reality, my day was complete!!

You can't help but swoon over the dapperness of this shoot but, after reading a small preview of the interview between legendary fashion icon Tom Ford and Tom Brady the man has definitely made a fan out of me!

Indulge my loves...Indulge!

Craving a little bit more??? 
images and video via vman

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  1. ooooh thanks for sharing!!! i love tom!! i might have even named my son after him :)


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