Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For The Love Of Cooking

Ladies and Gentlemen...We've hit the JACKPOT!

The word Nachos stops me in my tracks (I will never refuse a chip covered in all that heavenly goodness)
 now toss in Apple and I'm just downright curious and wondering,
could my nachos finally be healthy for me?!

So, that is a little wishful thinking but, this remix of your classic "nacho" is absolutely one
I will be trying!  The fact you are removing the chips and replacing with apples and drizzling
with chocolate instead of cheese has to cut a few calories right?!?!
Such a dreamer...

Ok...let me give you a second to take all the deliciousness in...

You good? 
Now head on over to how Sweet it is for all the yummy details!

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