Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fresh Style

From a computer virus, catching up on QT with my guy, and Memorial Day festivities I feel so detached from the blog world!  I know I know...Sometimes it's a good thing to "unplug" yourself for a few days, but, I'm beyond ready to plug back in!

I just stumbled upon this new mag Fresh Style (new to me...forgive me if you discovered while I was MIA)
I'm kind of going bonkers over this one...I will be ordering my copy of the first issue TODAY! 

Fresh Style was created by the publishers of Summer Cottage and features tons of DIY's, tips from the experts, and lots of blogger features!

Make sure to also check out the blog here

Have you had a chance to check out the premiere issue??

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  1. I am so oblivious these days! Kristin was shocked when she realized I was unaware of the nordstrom rack that seriously moved in down the street from me about two months ago. Where is my head?! And now this?! Get it together! haha


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