Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Never Gets Old...

There is one bag in particular that I have ALWAYS had my eye on and dreamed of tossing on my arm...

That's right...the always chic and classic Balenciaga handbag!!

At the moment "Rose" is the color I am lusting after but, even though my bag crush doesn't change the color does.

A couple of years back my color crush was "Nuage" so my guy (the sweetheart he is) purchased me the wallet to tide me over until this beautiful bag comes home with me!!

So if you could have any handbag out there...which one would it be??


  1. luv, luv, luv the "rose" color! Your blog postings are great!

  2. balenciaga giant work - black with gold hardware - i dream of it : ) .... the rose for spring is simply delightful

  3. I'm a Valentino bag lover! I will say that they are NOT the most durable though...

  4. Oh my, we are on the same wavelength on this-- I am lusting for this too!!!! This, plus a Chanel Biaritz ;). Drooling now!


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