Friday, January 7, 2011

Here's To The 20's

Celebrating my 29th Birthday today and already I am completely blown away by 
the wishes and extra special birthday love!!

Festivities kicked off last weekend while I was in Florida and just keep coming!
My parents and brother treated me last night with a delicious dinner and yummy treats!
I was awaken at 3:30am (the actual time I was born) to my amazing mother wishing me a happy birthday!  My desk at work looks as if a Party City exploded...Gah I have the BEST co-workers!
Still to come...a night of fun and celebrating with sushi and cocktails and my wonderfully amazing friends!!

The Party photo shoot ranks in my top may remember it from the very first issue of Rue Magazine!!

And an extra big Thank You to God for blessing me with another year!!



  1. Wow! You are so loved, lady!! Happy Birthday, again!! p.s. Adore this shoot! Totally living sparkly ;)

  2. happy birthday! sounds like a great one so far!

  3. this is gonna be a great year for you girl!

  4. Thank you all so much for your sweet birthday wishes! 29 is off to a great start!!

    xoxo- Tiffany


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